Hope Azeda: tackling the aftermath of the Rwandan genocide through the arts

Playwright Hope Azeda at the Abu Dhabi CultureSummit 2018 “When I returned to Rwanda,” says playwright and performer Hope Azeda, “the (...)

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Mashirika targets teens in new video about mental health

Azeda, founder of Mashirika Performing Arts and Media Company, speaking to journalists at a past event A portal by a group of (...)

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Rwanda, Sweden join hands to end GBV through drama

Mashirika Performing Arts and Media Company has entered a partnership with International Association of Theatre for Children and Young (...)

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Kwita Izina: How Mashirika staged a magical performance

The main stage was designed to look like A silverback gorilla, with 3D installations of other big game flanking it. (Courtesy pictures) (...)

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Using art to promote family based care for children

Mashirika on stage in Ngoma District ­ (Courtesy photos) A nationwide drive to raise awareness about the plight of homeless children (...)

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’Hansel und Gretel’, a German fairytale acted by Rwandan children

The Rwandan cast poses for photos with the German and Russian film crew Hansel and Gretel means “little brother and little sister” in (...)

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Mashirika’s Africa’s Hope comes of age

Mashirika cast during rehearsals of Africa’s Hope before the festival. / Moses Opobo In a way, the story of the Mashirika Performing (...)

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Telling Rwandan stories through theater at WEF-Africa

For the World Economic Forum on Africa (WEF) 2016 meetings held in Kigali between May 11-13, Mashirika’s brief was clear-cut; to tell (...)

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Mashirika launches contemporary dance workshop

Rwema says that the workshop will be an on-going project It all started last year, with the opening of a dance workshop for aspiring (...)

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Mashirika tours India, Sri Lanka with message of humanity

Final rehearsals before performing at Nada Theatre Hall, Colombo, Sri Lanka. (Courtesy) Rwanda has no formal training for arts in (...)

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BRIDGE - Mashirika Performance at Ubumuntu Arts Festival 2017

Humanity Rising in partnership with BRIDGE Theatre Project.

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Hope AZEDA makes presentation on an international practice of Art as Reaction to the Environment

Hope AZEDA (Artistic Director, Mashirika Theatre, Rwanda) makes presentation on an international practice of Art as Reaction to the (...)

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Africa’s Hope: performance by Mashirika

Mashirika performed Africa’s Hope at Ubumuntu Arts Festival 2016.

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Mashirika performs Bridge of Roses at Ubumuntu Arts Festival

Rwanda’s Mashirika performed a play called "Bridge of Roses". It highlights Rwanda’s reconciliation process, from genocide perpetrators (...)

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Mashirika in Bound Together performance

Rwanda’s representative Mashirika, performing Bound Together at Ubumuntu Arts Festival. it was powerful, informative and (...)

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Mashirika at the 10th Year Celebration of Promotion of Girl’s Education Campaign

Mashirika performs at the 10th year celebration of Promotion of Girl’s Education Campaign, held in Kigali on 5 July (...)

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Mashirika Ifumbire Ivumbura Impano

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A Mashirika production in partnership with Aegistrust-Rwanda

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A scene from Hope Azeda’s upcoming Bridge of Roses, performed by the Mashirika

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Hope Azeda in Three Words

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Play creation in local schools

May 1-31, 2018

The Youth Outreach Team will use the training to create plays in local schools.

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Mayfest, Bristol, UK

May 10-20, 2018

Performance: Can You Hear Me Now

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Drama summer program

June 1-30, 2018

Using all the education programs of the year, the Youth Outreach Team will be supporting education efforts.

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Training of Trainers

June 4-8, 2018

Local teachers will be trained in using the guide book and materials to help support classroom activities.

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B.R.I.D.G.E. US American students exchange

July 1-15, 2018

B.R.I.D.G.E. will return for the fourth edition of the Ubumuntu Arts Festival with students from California, USA to work with local students on a collaboration to be featured in the festival.

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Ubumuntu Arts Festival

July 13-15, 2018

The festival was first held in 2015 and happens annually following the last week of the 100 days commemoration of the 1994 genocide against the Tutsi. It is held at the outdoor amphitheater of the Kigali Genocide Memorial Centre and brings different artists from around the world to convene in Kigali Rwanda.

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Brave Festival, Wroclaw, Poland

July 16-21, 2018

Africa’s Hope addresses the subject of the 1994 Genocide against the Tutsi through the eyes of a child.

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Drama Camp

August 13-31, 2018

A nine-day drama camp will be held for teachers and students to practice drama techniques.

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