Mashirika’s partners range from Ministries to NGO’s, Theatre Companies and individuals.
  • MIJESPOC - Ministry of Youth Culture and Sports. 
    Mashirika being a theatre company, it has MIJESPOC as its line ministry. The Ministry of health has on several occasions honored works by Mashirika, provided support to Mashirika in various ways, and in the year 2006 provided air tickets to five members of Mashirika who went to UK for the CTW festival in Manchester. 
  • Aegis Trust (Rwanda/UK)
    Since the commemoration of the tenth anniversary of the Rwanda genocide in 2004 where Mashirika led a performance of 1000 artists that was organized by Aegis trust, Mashirika became partners with Aegis trust.  Aegis has worked with Mashirika using theatre to pass on messages about genocide (prevention, consequences etc).  In 2006 Aegis organized a tour for Mashirika to the UK for two months and during this tour Mashirika performed and workshoped in different schools, universities and theatre spaces.  More international and local tours are being organized.  Mashirika is yet to sign an agreement for the video (Rwanda my Home) which will be used internationally as an education tool about genocide.
  • PSI (Population Services International)
    Having had extensive experience in educational theatre and video production, Mashirika has enjoyed several opportunities of producing educational videos, skits and some times choreographies for PSI international to its target groups.  By 2007, Mashirika had produced seven educational videos for PSI on varying issues eg malaria prevention, HIV/AIDS, Hygien and sanitation.
  • MINIJUST - Ministry of Justice
    Mashirika worked with the ministry of justice to produce a film about Gacaca proceedings (Ukuri kurakiza), another one about Unity and reconciliation (Inkingi Zanjye) and stage play (Ukuri mu binyoma) and a 15 series radio play about domestic violence. 
  • ARTEJ (Rwandese Association of Theatre for Children and Young people)
    Mashirika is a subscribed member to ARTEJ/ASSITEJ with an aim of promoting theatre for children and young people in Rwanda.  This mandates Mashirika to promote theatre for children. 
  • Theatre Asylum Canada
    Mashirika is in partnership with a Canadian based theatre company Asylum and plans are under way of beginning to make exchange and joint performances. 
    This is an international oraganisation which brings together active theatre for children and young people.