In 2015 Mashirika in partnership with SWISSCONTACT and IPRC-West led a huge campaign of increasing TVET attractiveness in Rwandan Western province. Till then TVET (Technical and Vocational Education Training) is seen by the Rwandan government as the main key to end the unemployment problem which seems to be a big flaw towards the country development and millennium development goals’ achievement.

With the motto: ‘’YOUR LIFE, YOUR EDUCATION, YOUR WORLD’’, the TVET awareness campaign was conducted in 5 districts of the western province namely KARONGI, NGORORERO, RUSIZI, NYAMASHEKE and RUTSIRO with 35 secondary schools and 15 out-of school performances.

The edutainment 45 Min onstage drama was very useful to the targeted audience due to its way of channeling the intended message.  During and after the show, the audience was engaged into discussions.

’We did n’t know that TVET is our concern as Rwandans because we were only concentrated on general education but now we can understand how best is Technical studies not only for us but even to our country too’’,

said some students during the question answer session and after reading promotional brochures that were created by Mashirika for the campaign. 

The campaign that started in August, 2014 and ended in February 2015.  50 community shows were conducted, 16 radio serial dramas, 7 radio spots and print of brochures and postas which were distributed during the campaign.  “The campaign is finished with the best results that have ever been got in the above province as stressed by UWONKUNDA Jean Louis, the campaign monitoring officer from  IPRC-West. I receive calls with people asking about TVET all the time, and now the students are registering for Technical studies in a high number.  SWISSCONTACT as the contracting organization too appreciated the way Mashirika uses its talents in communicating vital information towards building the country.

With this accomplishment, SAMUEL Kyagambidwa, the Deputy Director of Mashirika Performing Arts and Media Company, says that Mashirika is always improving much more talents to help building cultural and communication carrier in Rwanda.  Mashirika is open to anyone who wishes to get its splendid cultural and media services.


Compiled by Amri Safari.