Please consult this list for past productions:

Title of Production Form Year Theme
MVU spot Mama net PSI Video 2007 Promoting new mosquito net for pregnant mothers and children
Stop violence (UKURI MU BINYOMA) (CTB & Minjust) Serial radio drama and Stage play 2006 Domestic violence is abuse of human rights
Tuza Muri Tuzanet PSI Video 2006 Promoting use of mosquito nets to fight malaria
Hope under Fire Stage Play 2006 Theatre Festival Manchester UK
Malaria Generic PSI Video 2005-2006 Use of mosquito nets and domestic hygiene to control malaria
Rwanda My Home Stage Play 2006 Tour in UK theaters, schools and communities. Genocide prevention outreach programme. (Genocide issues) and creative and performing skill workshops
Training to anti SIDA youth club leaders in Gesenyi and Kibuye Province CARE international Training: Theatre techniques 2005 Drama writing, Acting skills, Use of music and poetry in a play
Rwanda My Home AEGIS & CITY COUNCIL OF EDINBURG UK A stage play in Rwanda and UK (Scotland) 2005 Genocide prevention outreach programme G8 summit
Matilda a success (CNLS PSI) Stage Play Celebrations for world AIDS day 2005 Use condoms to break chain of HIV/AIDS transmission
Choreography. AEGIS 10th Anniversary commemoration 2004 Rwanda History
Mubahe agaciro CARE international Short stage play for Care Civil Society Dept (Community Theatre) 2004 Women’s role and participation in family issues
Inama mu nama CARE international Short stage play for Care Civil Society Dept (Community Theatre 2004 Encouraging participation in decision-making and politics
Inkingi zanjye “The missing Pillars” EUROPEAN COMMISSION Stage Play & Video 2004 Promoting Justice Unity and Reconciliation
Inzoga mu kazi “Alcohol at work” BRALIRWA Stage Play 2003 Careful Drinking
Amahanga arahanda “Home is Best” GTZ Stage Play 2003 Promoting National pride
Ukuri Kurakiza “The Liberating truth” JOHNS HOPKINS UNIVERSITY Film 2002 Telling the truth during Gacaca proceedings
Adam UNAIDS Stage Play 2000 AIDS in youth
Uwineza “The Tribulations” PSI Video 2000 AIDS and Forced Marriage amongst youth
Mutima W’urugo “True Mother” PSI Video 2000 AIDS in Single mothers and widows
Senya Insika (Breaking the Barriers) UNFPA Stage Play, Radio Play & Video 1999 Rights for girls
Amashyiga ya Sehutsitwa “Fire Stones” ORINFOR   1998 Unity and Reconciliation
Lets talk (PACFA) Stage play 2007 Promoting parents talking to their children about sexuality.
Siro (PSI) Video 2007 Promoting use of Sur eau solution for safe water.
Mubahe agaciro National Women Council Stage play 2007 Violence against women
Theatre consultancy Unicef pariative care Music, dance and Drama youth groups 2007 Children needs and rights as regards HIV/AIDS treatment