Kurtis Dennison

Project Coordinator & Mobile Arts for Peace Research Assistant

Kurtis Dennison is the project coordinator at Mashirika Performing Arts and Media Company and a research assistant on the Mobile Arts for Peace Project. Prior to working at Mashirika, Kurtis was a teacher trainer and supporter with the Peace Corps in Rwanda, and a community organizer and mentor with AmeriCorps VISTA and AmeriCorps Energy Express in Taylor County, West Virginia, USA. Kurtis holds a BA in Theatre from Fairmont State University and taught theatre classes at the Fairmont State Academy for the Arts in Fairmont, West Virginia, USA.

Kurtis pairs his national and international volunteer service, his experience as an educator and facilitator, and his experiences working in professional theatre to help create education opportunities for students in Rwanda addressing the gap in arts education practices. He led teacher trainings around Rwanda in using drama in the classroom, devising theatre and theatre for behavior change, creating teaching aids, and creative lesson planning. Kurtis facilitated devised productions in Rwanda with students and teachers and co-directed William Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet which was performed at the 2017 Ubumuntu Arts Festival.