Home-Grown Methodology

Through 17 years of practical experience, Mashirika has created our own methodology for devising plays and theatre. Rooted deeply in our emotions, our connections play a really big role in the way we behave and interpret situations. Examining the way we are influenced is the only path to self-discovery; people are not born evil, they are influenced to do evil. In order to present these complex ideas on stage, we need to really experience our emotions.

Mashirika likes creating spaces for actors and audiences to “throw up” all of the things they are feeling. This cathartic release allows for growth and healing.

Through movement, writing, and vulnerability, Mashirika can guide you through a workshop that will result in a play of cathartic release. Hope has traveled to several countries to lead workshops in this methodology including UK, Sri Lanka, USA, Uganda, and others.

If you have any more questions or wish to request a workshop, email Hope from the contact us page.