Mashirika Performing Arts and Media Company was established in 1997. Through different modes of performance including dance, movement, music, drama, and spoken word, Mashirika is constantly exploring new ways to develop, learn and create exciting theatre.

We do so by bringing together different passions, moods, moves, sounds, words, rhythms and visuals. We’re always ready to add new things to the mix!

Mashirika is also on the forefront in using theatre for development. We have always used forms like interactive theatre, image theatre, and forum theatre. We are really more a community child than a city entertainer, engaging communities throughout Rwanda and the world with our home-grown methodologies.

One of our most consistent and engaging activities for this purpose is the Itetero Radio Drama that has been educating people through entertainment all over Rwanda for years.

Featured Performances

Bridge of Roses: A story of hope, peace and reconciliation

The play is centred on different characters; victims, survivors and perpetrators. It highlights the agony of growing up without loved ones; dealing with trauma and the guilt that people felt for inflicting pain on innocent people especially children.

The most remarkable part of the play is when a perpetrator narrates an ordeal of the voices of children that keep playing in his head asking not to kill them, memories of his Gacaca court confessions and his urge to seek remorse which isn’t easily welcomed.


Africa’s Hope is a story of survival and hope, It is the Rwandan genocide against the tusti through the eye of a child,a constant work in progress that has evolved tremendously since its first staging 2004 with a cast of over 1,000 people ,the piece speaks to the beast that lives inside of everyone and questions the circumstances that cause that beast to be unleashed. The emotional difficulties and lingering traumas post-1994 do not outweigh the importance of telling the story; it is for those reasons that we must tell the story.


Mashirika to Premiere New Youth-Produced Play for Kwibuka25

To mark the 25th Commemoration of the Genocide against the Tutsi, Mashirika Performing Arts, and Media Company will premiere a youth-led play on life for the generation of Rwandans born after the Genocide. The performance, titled ‘Generation 25’ (G25), is inspired by true events and describes the role …..

Hope Azeda: tackling the aftermath of the Rwandan genocide through the arts

We meet the woman behind an annual arts festival that takes on the history of one of the bloodiest episodes in Africa’s recent history. “When I returned to Rwanda,” says playwright and performer Hope Azeda, “the country was on its knees. It was in ashes and was trying to rise. As an artist, your instinct

Mashirika targets teens in new video about mental health

A portal by a group of talented teenagers is opening between three cities around the globe this weekend. On Friday and Saturday, there will be a live video streaming event dubbed Can You Hear Me Now? featuring young people from three cities- Kigali (Rwanda), Kampala (Uganda), and Bristol (UK). Can You Hear Me Now? is

Rwanda, Sweden join hands to end Gender Based Violence through drama

Mashirika Performing Arts and Media Company has entered a partnership with International Association of Theatre for Children and Young People (ASSITEJ-Sweden), a Swedish-based organisation, to develop a project aimed at fighting gender-based violence through theatre and arts. Mashirika Performing Arts

Ubumuntu Arts Festival 2018