Mashirika to Premiere New Youth-Produced Play for Kwibuka25

To mark the 25th Commemoration of the Genocide against the Tutsi, Mashirika Performing Arts, and Media Company will premiere a youth-led play on life for the generation of Rwandans born after the Genocide. The performance, titled ‘Generation 25’ (G25), is inspired by true events and describes the role …..

Hope Azeda: tackling the aftermath of the Rwandan genocide through the arts

We meet the woman behind an annual arts festival that takes on the history of one of the bloodiest episodes in Africa’s recent history. “When I returned to Rwanda,” says playwright and performer Hope Azeda, “the country was on its knees. It was in ashes and was trying to rise. As an artist, your instinct

Mashirika targets teens in new video about mental health

A portal by a group of talented teenagers is opening between three cities around the globe this weekend. On Friday and Saturday, there will be a live video streaming event dubbed Can You Hear Me Now? featuring young people from three cities- Kigali (Rwanda), Kampala (Uganda), and Bristol (UK). Can You Hear Me Now? is

Rwanda, Sweden join hands to end Gender Based Violence through drama

Mashirika Performing Arts and Media Company has entered a partnership with International Association of Theatre for Children and Young People (ASSITEJ-Sweden), a Swedish-based organisation, to develop a project aimed at fighting gender-based violence through theatre and arts. Mashirika Performing Arts

Kwita Izina: How Mashirika staged a magical performance

IT was the biggest cast by Mashirika Performing Arts for all the years it has staged productions at the gorilla naming ceremony (Kwita Izina). This year, Mashirika was tasked with providing official entertainment at the ceremony, and the group chose to portray community inclusivity through their 15-minute dance

Using art to promote family based care for children

A nationwide drive to raise awareness about the plight of homeless children in the country has concluded successfully. Dubbed Tubarerere Mu Muryango (Let’s raise children in families), the three month campaign used theater to reach out to parents, caregivers and local authorities

’Hansel und Gretel’, a German fairytale acted by Rwandan children

Hansel and Gretel means “little brother and little sister” in German. It’s a popular German fairytale that was first published more than a hundred years ago, in 1812. Hansel and his sister Gretel are kidnapped by a cannibalistic witch who lives deep in the forest. Her house is made of cake

Mashirika’s Africa’s Hope comes of age

In a way, the story of the Mashirika Performing Arts and Media Company is the story of Africa’s Hope, its flagship theatre production. This play was Mashirika’s first acid test on the big stage, gracing the 10th commemoration of the Genocide against the Tutsi at the Amahoro National Stadium in April 2004. At the time,

Telling Rwandan stories through theater at WEF-Africa

For the World Economic Forum on Africa (WEF) 2016 meetings held in Kigali between May 11-13, Mashirika’s brief was clear-cut; to tell the story of Rwanda to the thousands of delegates in attendance, among them heads of state, cabinet ministers, global entrepreneurs, and captains of industry.

Mashirika launches contemporary dance workshop

It all started last year, with the opening of a dance workshop for aspiring theatre practitioners at the Mashirika Performing Arts and Media Company in Kimironko. The initial class of 22 students was named Team Genesis, and comprised of students who had completed high school and wanted to pursue the arts in their lives. The

Mashirika tours India, Sri Lanka with message of humanity

Rwanda has no formal training for arts in schools and universities so it is through training and collaboration that our arts sector gains knowledge. It is through such collaboration that a team of five young up-and-coming artistes from Rwanda recently toured India and Sri Lanka for a series of trainings and collaborative performances with their