Our Productions


    1. Title of Production: Tourism is about experience
      Form: 20 episodes were produced and broadcast on radio Rawnda
      Theme: Accessing proximity justice is a right everyone should exploit.
    2. Title of Production: Zahabu
    3. Title of Production: Disability is Not Inability
    4. Title of Production: Can You Hear Me Now


  1. Title of Production: Musical Production
    Form: Musical theatre production (Urumuri) African Child day
    Theme: Remembering Children killed during the 1994 genocide against the Tutsi
  2. Title of Production: The play “The language he speaks” Commissioned by GIZ
    Form: Forum Theatre during an international conference on accountability by GIZ
    Theme: Accountability Inside Out.
  3. Title of Production: The play “Uramukunda?” Commissioned by RFH in partnership with MOH
    Form: 20th commemoration of genocide against the tutsi
    Theme: Rwanda’s past before Genocide, during Genocide and after Genocide…
  • 2011
  1. Title of Production: The Woman’s Journey-Women leader’s network
    Form: Stage play (Women leader’s gala)
    Theme: Celebrating a Rwandan woman’s journey-remembering the roots.
  2. Title of Production: Maisha (my lost dish).
    Form: Skit(3rd National Conference on Nutrition)
    Theme: High lighting the nutritional gaps amongst communities and the community and opinion leaders role to fight malnutrition.
  3. Title of Production: Free World and Imaze igihe
    Form: Musical performance (Annual Pediatric conference )
    Theme: A call for all efforts to fight AIDS and create a free world where youth would enjoy their life.
  4. Title of Production: Mutandao Jeunne
    Form: Skit (Annual Pediatric conference)
    Theme: Sugar mummies a cobweb trapping youth into AIDS.
  5. Title of Production: Karitsiye Yiwacu
    Form: Skit (Annual Pediatric conference)
    Theme: Peer Pressure amongst youth igniting AIDS among youth.
  6. Title of Production: Sprouting Seed
    Form: Musical Performance for RRA
    Theme: High lighting achievements during the tax payer’s day celebratio
  7. Title of Production: Amasangano
    Form: Stage production
    Theme: HIV/AIDS prevention (Community Theatre Project with RHCC)
  8. Title of Production: Echoes of Peace
    Form: Performance: Genocide 17th commemoration 7th April .
    Theme: Giving hope to the victims of genocide
  9. Title of Production: Look out Spot
    Form: TV spot
    Theme: Awareness on fighting malaria using mosquito net.
  10. Title of Production: Kinyogote
    Form: Serial TV drama
    Theme: Fighting Malaria Urunana DC Global Fund project.
  11. Title of Production: Community health
    Form: Skit-Health Conference
    Theme: Strengthening communityhealth with community health workers


  1. Title of Production: SORWA The Rwanda flavor
    Form: Documentary Video
    Theme: Documentary about Tea in Rwanda for international conference in Japan
  2. Title of Production: Africa,s hope(UK tour 51 shows and 150 workshops in theatre spaces and schools)
    Form: Stage production
    Theme: Genocide Prevention?
  3. Title of Production: Gahaya
    Form: Video
    Theme: Importance of Internal Residue Spray (IRS) inf fighting malaria
  4. Title of Production: Rwanda Nziza FESPAD
    Form: Stage play
    Theme: History of dance in Rwanda (generations and thier differences)
  5. Title of Production: The walking stick-Imbuto foundation
    Form: Stage play
    Theme: Youth setting life goals
  6. Title of Production: PRIMO 1, 2, 3
    Form: Video
    Theme: Promoting treatment of malaria in children using Primo


  1. Title of Production: Malaria Generic PSI
    Form: Video
    Theme: Use of mosquito nets and domestic hygiene to control malaria.
  2. Title of Production: Matilda a success (CNLS PSI)
    Form: World AIDS day
    Theme: Use of condoms in breaking the chain of HIV/AIDS transmission.
  3. Title of Production: Rwanda My Home AEGIS & CITY COUNCIL OF EDINBURG UK
    Form: A stage play in Rwanda and UK (Scotland).
    Theme: Genocide prevention outreach program G8 summit.
  4. Title of Production: Training to anti SIDA youth club leaders in Gesenyi and Kibuye Province CARE international
    Form: Theatre techniques
    Theme: Playwriting, Acting sk,Use of music and poetry in a plays and Improvisation on stage.


  1. Title of Production: Ukuri Kurakiza“The Liberating truth” JOHNS HOPKINS UNIVERSITY
    Form: Film
    Theme: Telling the truth during Gacaca proceedings.


    1. Title of Production: Mass choreography and construction of monument “kwita izina” Commissioned by RDB
      Form: A mass choreography with dances during the Gorilla naming ceremony.
      Theme: A mass choreography with dances during the Gorilla naming ceremony.
    2. Title of Production: A community theatre play “Hitamo” Comissioned by NELSAP
      Form: A stage play preformed to sensitize the population affected by the construction of Akagera dam.
      Theme: Proper management of funds and time for a better future.
    3. Title of Production: Radio play Itetero Long term story lining. Commissioned by Unicef in partnership with Unicef.
      Form: Story lined 52 episodes for Itetero drama for both adults and children.
      Theme: Good Early Child Development and its requirements.


  1. Title of Production: The TV series (Video) Kinyogote commissioned by Urunana DC.
    Form: TV series
    Theme: Fighting malaria amongst the local community
  2. Title of Production: The play Second Chance (I wish) Commissioned by Unicef
    Form: Community Theatre World AIDS Day by Unicef for the youths
    Theme: World AIDS day Celebration in Kigali. Stop New HIV infections amongst youth.
  3. Title of Production: The Community Theatre play “ Twese biratureba” commissioned by MoH and Unicef.
    Form: Community theatre for National launch of 1000 days nutrition campaign
    Theme: 1000 days of Nutrition men taking equal responsibility on family nutrition.
  4. Title of Production: A video “The bad Protector”
    Form: 15 minutes Video commissioned by Plan International
    Theme: Sexual violence against youths in school.


  1. Title of Production: Madam Professor
    Form: Stage Play at 6th annual Pediatric conference in Kigali
    Theme: Sex education in schools Prejudice against children with HIV/AIDS
  2. Title of Production: Irish Brown Bread
    Form: Stage play
    Theme: A comedy on cross culture
  3. Title of Production: Pambazuka (Child abuse)
    Form: Stage Production
    Theme: Child Abuse
  4. Title of Production: Echoes from a thousand hills
    Form: Stage play at women writers festival in USA
    Theme: The journey of a Rwandan woman
  5. Title of Production: Angels of Hope
    Form: 16th Anniversary commemoration
    Theme: Dealing with trauma by supporting genocide trauma victims.


  1. Title of Production: Theatre consultancy Unicef pariative care
    Form: Music, dance and Drama youth groups
    Theme: Children needs and rights as regards HIV/AIDS treatment
  2. Title of Production: Mubahe agaciro National Women Council
    Form: Stage play
    Theme: Voilence against women
  3. Title of Production: Siro (PSI)
    Form: Video
    Theme: Promoting use of Sur eau solution for safe water.
  4. Title of Production: Lets talk (PACFA)
    Form: Stage play
    Theme: Promoting parents talking to their children about sexuality.
  5. Title of Production: MVU spot Ubuzima Bwiza PSI
    Form: Video
    Theme: Promoting domestic hygiene and treatment of water to stop diarrhea.
  6. Title of Production: MVU spot Mama net PSI
    Form: Video
    Theme: Promoting new mosquito net for pregnant mothers and children.
  7. Title of Production: Rwanda my Home-Ministry of culture/Aegistrust
    Form: Performance
    Theme: 10th Genocide commemoration


  1. Title of Production: Inama mu nama-CARE international
    Form: Short stage play for Care Civil Society Dept (Community Theatre.
    Theme: Encouraging participation in decision-making and politics.
  2. Title of Production: Mubahe agaciro-CARE international
    Form: Short stage play for Care Civil Society Dept (Community Theatre)
    Theme: Women’s role and participation in family issues.’
  3. Title of Production: Rwanda my Home-Ministry of culture/Aegistrust
    Form: Performance
    Theme: 10th Genocide commemoration


  1. Title of Production: Mutima W’urugo “True Mother” PSI
    Form: Video
    Theme: AIDS in Single mothers and widows
  2. Title of Production: Uwineza “The Tribulations” PSI
    Form: Video
    Theme: AIDS and Forced Marriage amongst youth.
  3. Title of Production: Adam UNAIDS
    Form: Stage play
    Theme: AIDS amongst youth


  1. Title of Production: The play “Uramukunda?” Commissioned by RFH in partnership with MOH.
    Form: Community Theatre touring the Southern province
    Theme: Sensitizing communities about Fistula. What it is, prevention and treatment
  2. Title of Production: Radio play “Tububungabunge” Commissioned by RSSB and MSH
    Form: Radio drama, 15 episodes broadcast on radio Rwanda
    Theme: Health cover is assured of if you pay mituelle in time. Mituelle a hinge for development.
  3. Title of Production: Community Theatre play “Tububungabunge” Comissioned by RSSB and MSH.
    Form: The stage play toured different parts of Rwanda.
    Theme: Health cover is assured of if you pay mituelle in time. Mituelle a hinge for development.
  4. Title of Production: Video Production “Akabando Kiminsi” Commissioned by RSSB
    Form: Six episodes of Audio Video Drama were produced and broadcast on RTV
    Theme: Responding to frequently asked questions about Social Security Fund.
  5. Title of Production: Radio Drama “ Inzira Nyayo” Commissioned by Swisscontact.
    Form: 20 episodes of radio drama were produced and Broadcast on Rusizi and Karongi community radios.
    Theme: Technical Education is a good path way in fighting unemployment.
  6. Title of Production: Community theatre play “Inzira Nyayo” Commissioned by Swisscontact.
    Form: Stage play mobilizing communities in the Western province to embrace TVET
    Theme: Technical Education is a good path way in fighting unemployment.


  1. Title of Production: Miss Rwanda 2012
    Form: Beauty Pageant
    Theme: Beauty with a Purpose ‘Unifying Rwandan Beauty and Culture.’
  2. Title of Production: Sukura iwacu-Kigali city council
    Form: Skit (Kigali city council cleaning launch)
    Theme: Campaign on Hygiene in Kigali city
  3. Title of Production: Let a child be-National children’s commission
    Form: Skit (Children’s summit)
    Theme: Campaign for children’s rights


  1. Title of Production: Miss Rwanda 2009
    Form: Beauty Pageant
    Theme: Beauty with a Purpose
  2. Title of Production: The Trap
    Form: Stage Production
    Theme: Cross generation immoral sexual behavior as a multiplying factor to HIV/AIDS


  1. Title of Production: Rwanda My Home
    Form: Stage play
    Theme: Tour in UK theatres, schools and communities. Genocide prevention outreach program. (Genocide issues) and creative and performing skill workshops.
  2. Title of Production: Hope under Fire
    Form: Stage play
    Theme: Theatre Festival Manchester UK
  3. Title of Production: Tuza Muri Tuzanet PSI
    Form: Video
    Theme: Promoting use of mosquito nets to fight malaria.
  4. Title of Production: Stop violence (UKURI MU BINYOMA)(CTB &Minjust)
    Form: Serial radio drama and Stage play
    Theme: Domestic violence is abuse of human rights.


  1. Title of Production: Inkingi zanjye“The missing Pillars” EUROPEAN COMMISSION
    Form: Stage play and Video
    Theme: Promoting Justice Unity and Reconciliation
  2. Title of Production: Amahanga arahanda“Home is Best” GTZ
    Form: Stage play
    Theme: Promoting National pride
  3. Title of Production: Inzoga mu kazi“Alcohol at work” BRALIRWA
    Form: Stage play
    Theme: Careful Drinking


  1. Title of Production: Senya Insika (Breaking the Barriers) UNFPA
    Form: Stage play, Radio play and video
    Theme: Rights of Girl children


    1. Title of Production: Amashyiga ya Seshutsitwa “Fire Stones” ORINFOR
      Form: Stage play
      Theme: Unity and Reconciliation